Consultation & Patch ​Test                    £40

(Single Lesion) 

Rosacea, Thread Veins and Age Spots Treatments

​                                                                    Per Session

Nose                                                                £50
Cheeks                                                                    £80
Nose & Cheeks                                             £120

Body & Face
Full Face & Neck                                             £200

Full Face, Neck & Chest                              £240

 Chest                                                                     £140 

 Hands                                                                    £120

Lynton IPL system can provide a long term solution to  facial problems such as Rosacea, thread veins and age spots in a few quick and easy treatments.

Red vein removal
Age spot removal

Beauty Salon Bridgwater, Taunton and Somerset. Rosacea, Thread Veins and age spots

Thread Veins and Rosacea and Age spots

Setsuko Beauty Clinic

*Redeemable against first treatment if required.

Age spot removal
Red vein removal