Setsuko Beauty Clinic

03. First Session

If no adverse reaction occurs within 1 week, Setsuko can continue with your first session. She will explain the treatment briefly and is happy to answer any more questions you may have.

02. Patch Test

Once you are happy with your consultation, Setsuko will book your Patch Test appointment. A patch test will be carried out to identify the most effective treatment plan for you. A patch test is not a treatment and is only applied to a small area.

01. Virtual Consultation

When you book your virtual consultation, you will receive a text. You can start filling in your consultation form at home by clicking the link. Setsuko will email you a link for a virtual consultation prior to your appointment. She will then explain the treatment and answer all your questions and concerns.

04. Aftercare

Setsuko will give you verbal and written aftercare advice and if you wish to  book your next appointment please ask Setsuko.

Procedure for Laser Treatments