Setsuko Beauty Clinic


Clear Skin Facial(45mins)                                £35

For Oily, Acne Prone skin. This treatment solves the problem of acne prone and blemish skin. Stone crop and Willow Bark purifies  and exfoliates, whilst healthy probiotics improve the skin balance.

 Éminence is one of the most potent, chemical free skincare ranges available. You can really see and feel the difference immediately

Eminence Facial Skin Care

Arctic Berry Peeling Facial (45mins)                  £40

Give your complexion a completely fresh start with this natural peel. Using gentle but effective acids from natural elements to apply Peptide Illuminating Complex to restore collagen, soften fine lines to reveal smoothness and radiance.

Eminence Rejuvenating Facial (60min)            £40

Anti-aging facials with exotic bamboo and Neroli plus clinically proven ingredients such as Natural Retinol Alternative complex and Swiss Green Apples deliver instant firming and tightening.